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Festivals, parent get-togethers and activities around the School, Kamaroi has a full calendar of events.

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Upcoming events.

Meditation for Kamaroi Children

With Vanessa Snaith & Lisa Devine

Mother with child art.jpg

Who is keen to meditate for our precious Kamaroi children at this curious time in history?

No experience needed. All that is required is an open heart and a shared intention.


‘We must be prepared, as a collective humanity, with capacities and inner strength enabling us to freely choose the form of community life that we determine to be needed for the future of humanity. We need to establish communities that are dedicated to human freedom – communities in which the health of the community, the education of the child, and the social life are imbued with impulses supportive of the cultivation of human freedom’

Lisa Romero, Spirit Led Community 2018.

Whilst we navigate certain freedoms being restricted, we are still free to harness our ‘spirit-led community’. The way in which the children are educated and in the way in which we hold them as a community can continue to bear significantly in our wisdom filled protective intentionality. Throughout the ages human beings have sought solace in their spiritual life to meet crisis and uncertainty. Steiner spoke explicitly of the call to continue to evolve our relationship to spiritual mysteries so that they reflect the needs of our times.

Whilst we are limited to meeting virtually – we will continue to strive in transforming ourselves and these platforms to develop a substance that can flow towards the children in our school. Our higher ‘I’ awakens through our will and the moral forces of how we act together. Please join us to live what we can during this time.

Where: Zoom

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 974 7150 6823

Passcode: 249431


Monday 22nd November

Monday 29 November

Monday 6 December

Monday 13 December





Finding the why of our lives

Seven reasons why a meaningful education suits a post-COVID world

With Andrew Hill - Pre-Recorded Zoom

Andrew Hill (Head Of School at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School) has spoken widely on how Rudolf Steiner Education helps foster a sense of meaning and purpose in life. It is a key message communicated by Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School to its community.

Rudolf Steiner said a hundred years ago that ‘Our highest endeavour is to develop young men and women who out of themselves are able to impart meaning and direction to their own lives.” This message resonates deeply with us today. The current challenges of our times have shone a spotlight on the great need for young people today to be able to find direction, meaning and purpose in life out of themselves. In this talk, Andrew  speaks on on how this vital inner capacity is developed through the school years. 

Parent Study Group

BT art.jpg

We have had interest from our community during this time for a parent study group!

Please register your interest in Term 4 for an ongoing meeting via Zoom to experience, deepen and be nourished by some Steiner inspired content.

The intention is to create a sharing space of care relevant to parents questions and needs, to carry and give strength during a time that seems to demand a deeper reimagining of our lives.

This group is open to everyone. You could attend regularly or ‘drop in’ occasionally.

Please forward your interest to Cris or and feel free to indicate any requests for particular content.


Cris, Vanessa & Lisa Devine

Kamaroi Playgroup

With Lila Garcia

Term 4 - Zoom Playgroup for babies - 5 year olds!

The Kamaroi PA is delighted to be able to join forces with the wonderful Lila Garcia to bring our community a weekly Zoom playgroup.

When: Fridays in Term 4

Time: 10:30am - 11:30am

Where: Zoom

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 847 8395 5999

Passcode: 975752 Sunshine Garden Playgroup

Lila Garcia is a Steiner trained educator who has been working with parents and their young ones for 20 years. She has been successfully running Sunshine Garden, a Steiner playgroup for over 10 years, both in Sydney and in America. Lila is also a trained Forest Kindergarten Teacher and a proud mother of four children.

​Lila’s mission is to build community and support parents with young children in a nurturing environment where love, diversity, sense of wonder and reverence for nature are key elements.


Open Space

For Parents & Caregivers

Weekly from 7:30pm - 9:00pm Starting Sunday 29th August until Sunday 28th November

The open spaces sessions have been initiated by Lisa Romero, who has deepened Rudolf Steiner’s indications for teachers and parents at Kamaroi for over 20 years. She works in schools and organisations all over the world and has expanded a group of professional colleagues to make make her content more accessible. We highly recommend her approach for engendering Steiner principles in ways which are both insightful and practical for families at home.

Drop-in anytime from 7:30pm - 9:00pm

We are opening the door every Sunday night for live zoom sessions.

Share some human-to-human connection, bring a question, listen in quietness, reaffirm your connection to your Self and replenish that you can continue to provide a healthy home for those in your care.

Register once to receive the link and drop-in when you can.