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Festivals, parent get-togethers and activities around the School, Kamaroi has a full calendar of events.

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Stay up to date with Kamaroi events, festivals, parent education and open days. We hope you find this page helpful and a great resource to current and prospective families.

Parent Education

Term 1, 2024 Parent Education

Our Parent Education Program offers a range of talks and workshops on a variety of topics throughout the year. Subjects covered include child development, holistic living, media and anthroposophy.

Whenever possible talks and workshops are offered free of charge to parents and friends. Occasionally some sessions attract a nominal fee. Costs are clearly indicated in the program when advertised.

Thursday 7th March

The Wisdom of Morning Circle

with Bernadette White

Morning Circle 1.jpg

In Steiner classrooms all over the world the day often begins with the "morning circle." During this time, the children spend time moving and dancing, singing, playing music, reciting poetry, and even practising arithmetic together. These strongly rhythmical activities help the children to both "come into themselves" and come into the group in a harmonious way before the other lessons begin. We will explore the different elements that may be included in the morning circle and how this can contribute to the healthy development of the children and the class.

Thursday 7th March at 7.30pm via Zoom