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Festivals, parent get-togethers and activities around the School, Kamaroi has a full calendar of events.

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Upcoming events.

Stay up to date with Kamaroi events, festivals, parent education and open days. We hope you find this page helpful and a great resource to current and prospective families.

Parent Education

Term 2, 2023 Parent Education

Our Parent Education Program offers a range of talks and workshops on a variety of topics throughout the year. Subjects covered include child development, holistic living, media and anthroposophy.

Whenever possible talks and workshops are offered free of charge to parents and friends. Occasionally some sessions attract a nominal fee. Costs are clearly indicated in the program when advertised.

Thursday 1st June

The Treasures of Winter

With Ebba Bodame

Winter Treasures

'King Winter walks over hill and dale

He covers the world with his cold icy vale’

When we celebrate a season we show gratitude for the treasures given to us. We help our children connect to nature and to gradually build a sense of responsibility for our Mother Earth.

As we journey with our children into winter, we can discover treasures unique to the season.

We will be looking at …….

* winter stories and shadow theatre for the dark afternoons of the solstice

* bringing the senses and the soul quality of warmth to the midwinter celebration

* activities and craft ideas for communities large and small.

When: Thursday 1st June

Time: 7.30pm - 9pm

Where: Online via Zoom

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Saturday 3rd June

Family Biodynamic Winter Garden Bedmaking

with Sandra Frain

WInter Garden Beds.JPG

Pulling out unproductive plants. Digging in mature Biodynamic compost. Planting seedlings and seeds. Dynamizing and distributing Biodynamic Fertiliser. With enough left over for workshop participants to take home for their gardens. Some stories, songs and nourishing Morning Tea will make for Agri-Culture Supreme.

When: Saturday 3rd June

Time: 10am - 12noon

Where: On-site at Kamaroi

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Thursday 8th June


With Bernadette White


The magical and wisdom-filled realm of story and in particular the fairy tales, folk tales, fables and nature stories with which we work in Classes 1 and 2.

Since the dawn of time, human beings have told stories of our origins, our history, & ourtasks both present & future.

The telling of stories lies at the very heart of the Steiner schools’ curriculum & in this session we will explore the significance of these tales which have accompanied our human journey, & tentatively begin to learn to read the language of story, particularly this term, in relation to stories that might be told in Class 1 & Class 2.

When: Thursday 8th June

Time: 7.30pm - 9pm

Where: Online via Zoom

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