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Festivals, parent get-togethers and activities around the School, Kamaroi has a full calendar of events.

Lilly Pilly - An Introduction To Steiner Early Learning

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Join Rose McCathie, Anni Gemell and Vanessa Snaith in an introduction to our new Lilly Pilly class and the Steiner Early Learning Journey.

Please join us and like minded families on Wednesday 6 October at 7:30pm via Zoom to join in an open discussion about starting your child's education journey at Kamaroi.

This event will cover topics including:

  • What is the new Lilly Pilly offering
  • The Kamaroi Kindergarten
  • How play is the child's work
  • The importance of rhythm for the day, week, season and year
  • Connection to Nature's rhythms
  • Use of natural resources and open-ended toys in the classroom
  • Freedom to explore
  • Activity with purpose, rather than product

Your hosts for the event will be Steiner Early Learning educators Anni Gemell and Rose McCathie and facilitated by Vanessa Snaith

I feel a strong connection to Kamaroi as I have known the early childhood teachers and some Kamaroi families for many years. I was a teacher at Rainbow Cottage preschool in Frenchs Forest for over ten years. It is wonderful to see many children at Kamaroi that I knew as young preschoolers. Prior to working at Kamaroi I was at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School School for four years, firstly in little kindy and then at the preschool. My first experience of Steiner education was as a student at Glenaeon for thirteen years.

I have very fond memories of the joy of learning and the strong relationships that are a vital part of Steiner education. The richness and warmth of Steiner education supports me in my work with children in the early years. This is a time when children begin to move out from their home into a place of warmth, laughter and learning. I love to see the confidence and connection that unfolds in the child as they come into their first year of school. These early years of schooling are all about building a foundation for a child’s learning. Kindergarten days are full of moments of activity, breathing out, and moments of calm, breathing in. I have worked with this type of rhythm for years as a Steiner Teacher with young children. I believe it creates a life-long love of learning and a real freedom in education. - Rose McCathie

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I have been closely connected to Kamaroi Rudolf Steiner School for 26 years, as a teacher, play group leader, parent and now grandparent.

For the past 10 years I have been an adult educator to early childhood teachers at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College.

Early childhood development is my passion and the Steiner environment and curriculum offers a very nurturing and holistic approach. The children I see who have had this early start are happy, grounded children with empathy for others, love of nature, a true sense of belonging and a strong sense of their ability to make and create and contribute to their world. In a Steiner preschool the children are immersed in a rich language experience of story and song, rhymes and verse and this becomes evident in their own language expression.

A Steiner Kindergarten nurtures the development of the senses and promotes an atmosphere of gratitude, reverence and wonder for the natural world around them. Festivals which celebrate the seasons enrich this experience. The kindergarten provides a space for imaginative play, as young children learn through doing and imitating. The teachers aim to be worthy of imitation and create meaningful activities which enable the children to contribute to all that is happening around them and thus develop a healthy sense of self.

Over the years I have watched children experience an early childhood from birth to age seven in an environment inspired by Steiner’s understanding of child development. Such an environment nurtures their play, imagination and learning through doing, at a pace that recognises each child’s developmental stage. I have seen the fruits of this education in the children’s health, happiness, imagination, creativity and confidence.

I watch this unfolding with such joy and wish this for every child. It fills me with confidence for the future. - Annie Gemell

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Kamaroi's Lilly Pilly Pre-Kindy offering has been announced!

Wattle, Banksia and Lilly Pilly are the new names for the early childhood area of our school in 2022. The plan for some time now has been to have a preschool connected to Kamaroi. The thinking about this shifted earlier this year following our discussions with council and town planners. A more simple solution for us was to have a stand-alone Pre- Kindergarten with capacity up to around 20 children to commence children’s Steiner learning journey. And we realised we could achieve this on our current site. We explored a number of options and finally agreed on the plan below.

To achieve this goal, some creative planning unfolded and we are now confident that Lilly Pilly, our new Pre-Kindergarten class, will be up and running in 2022!

The current library will become Lilly Pilly (our Pre-Kindergarten space). Of course, some minor modifications and playground adjustments will be made to ensure that it is a suitable and beautiful environment for the 4 – 5 year old children to learn, explore and play. These children will then progress to Kindergarten where those rooms will be named Wattle and Banksia rather than the by their current names KLJ and KBR.

The current library and all its contents will be relocated to the Barn. This process is well underway already and should be completed during the upcoming term break. It has provided us with a great opportunity to review our library contents and I make a quick mention of the work that Bernie, Lisa and many helpers have achieved already! Once the library space is cleared, this will allow tradespeople to carry out works to prepare Lilly Pilly for 2022. The Barn space which has been occupied by Katherine Balbi for Extra Lesson has already been relocated down to the Meadow Room.

It is full steam ahead now for Kamaroi to finally have a place for young children and their families to join our school. We strongly urge families to let their friends know about this exciting opportunity. Indeed, our data base of families interested in enrolling children has already commenced and so now is the time to apply for Lilly Pilly in 2022.

Growing together

Parent Education.
Now online.

We are most pleased to inform you that our scheduled parent education events will now be accessible alternatively online.

Though this is a vast leap from how we are used to connecting, we are very grateful our presenters are willing to be adaptable. We hope this will provide some sustenance to family life and an alternative avenue for sharing our task.

The upshot is, that in this way we are no longer limited by numbers, so we hope more of you can join us! Please also feel free to share with your own communities, family or friends—as we can also resume the program being accessible to the broader public.

Please register with me via email and you will be sent a link.

Thank you for your patience as we all find new ways to be together apart. If you have any suggestions or requests for Parent Ed next term, please email me and I am open to seeing what we can provide and make possible.


Vanessa Snaith
Handwork Teacher / Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Our Calendar

Upcoming events.

Open Space for Parents & Caregivers

Weekly from 7:30pm - 9:00pm Starting Sunday 29th August until Sunday 28th November

The open spaces sessions have been initiated by Lisa Romero, who has deepened Rudolf Steiner’s indications for teachers and parents at Kamaroi for over 20 years. She works in schools and organisations all over the world and has expanded a group of professional colleagues to make make her content more accessible. We highly recommend her approach for engendering Steiner principles in ways which are both insightful and practical for families at home.

Drop-in anytime from 7:30pm - 9:00pm

We are opening the door every Sunday night for live zoom sessions.

Share some human-to-human connection, bring a question, listen in quietness, reaffirm your connection to your Self and replenish that you can continue to provide a healthy home for those in your care.

Register once to receive the link and drop-in when you can.