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Festivals, parent get-togethers and activities around the School, Kamaroi has a full calendar of events.

Our Calendar

Upcoming events.

Stay up to date with Kamaroi events, festivals, parent education and open days. We hope you find this page helpful and a great resource to current and prospective families.

Open Day

Kindergarten and Lilly Pilly Open Day

Join us for a special Kamaroi event

Your family is invited to join us on Wednesday 1st June at 3:30pm for an open day and Kamaroi experience to showcase our Lilly Pilly & Kindergarten classes.

This special event is tailored specifically for those interested in entering Lilly Pilly and Kindergarten who would like to know more about Kamaroi.

Lilly Pilly is the latest offering at Kamaroi, a Pre-Kindy class designed as a stepping stone from home to school for children aged 4 and up.

This event will include a chance to meet some of our Lilly Pilly and Kindergarten teachers, school tour and a unique Steiner experience for your children.

For more information or to register please contact our school registrar Bonnie on

When: Wednesday 1 June

Time: 3:30pm

Where: 220 Forest Way, Belrose

If you have any questions please contact Bonnie on or phone 02 9450 1651 for a chat!

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Parent Education

Term 2, 2022 Parent Education

Our Parent Education Program offers a range of talks and workshops on a variety of topics throughout the year. Subjects covered include child development, holistic living, media and anthroposophy.

Whenever possible talks and workshops are offered free of charge to parents and friends. Occasionally some sessions attract a nominal fee. Costs are clearly indicated in the program when advertised.

Thursday 19th May

Myths and Mysteries

- With Bernadette White

The human story as a context of meaning for life

In the final two lectures in this series, Bernadette will continue the journey begun last term when we investigated the ancient cultures of India, Persia, Egypt, and Greece looking at the temple wisdom, art, and mythologies of these cultures to unfold the hidden currents of history and in particular the role of the ancient Mysteries. We will continue this term with themes from the European Middle Ages.


  • Thursday 19th May: Parzival and the Quest for the Holy Grail


  • Zoom

Having spent over three decades as a class teacher, teacher educator, story-teller, and student of history, Bernadette will show how this unfolding of the human story can give a context of meaning within which we can find direction and hope for our lives. Particular examples will be given from the Steiner school main lessons devoted to ancient mythologies and histories.

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Thursday 26th May

An Anthroposophic Health Approach:

Working with anxiety & depression, uncertainty and fear, in the modern world

Current times are seeing more change and uncertainty than at any time in the last eighty years. Outer disturbances and inner and outer challenges affect us at any age. Experiencing the many and commonplace tidal eddies in the flow of our lives and the world, can lead to feelings of uncertainty, fear, sorrow and a host of minor inner disturbances.

These may begin with nervousness, that may remain minor, or may flow through to anxiety & depression, and other manifestations of upsets in our sense of wellbeing and confidence, in our feelings, physical body, our thoughts and actions.

Anthroposophic medicine has an established approach of 100 years, supporting resilience, and bringing healing to these unsettled states of being, developing insights towards transforming what ails us, and regaining strength, balance, harmony and trust in oneself and life.

- With Anthroposophic Practitioners

Dr Narelle Savage, Art Therapist Julia Byrne, Rhythmic Etheric Massage & Acupuncturist John Holmes and Home Care nurse & therapist Lyn Clifton

When: Thursday, 26 May

Time: 7:30pm

Where: Zoom

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Thursday 2nd June

Winter Magic

- With Ebba Bodame

"King Winter walks over hill and dale He covers the world with his cold icy vale”

As we journey with our children into winter, we can discover treasures unique to the season. We will be looking at: Winter stories and shadow theatre for the dark afternoons How to celebrate midwinter activities and craft ideas.

Ebba Bodame is a Steiner early childhood educator. She has given talks and workshops for parents and teachers over many years. She is also the author of ‘Early Childhood Wisdom’. Based on her own childhood festival experiences, which are still a source of strength and nourishment for her, she wishes to help today’s parents to find ways to meaningfully celebrate their own family or community festivals.

When: Thursday, 2nd June

Time: 7:30pm

Where: Zoom

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Thursday 9th June

Working with Warmth, Inflammation & Fever in Support of Children’s Health & Development

With Dr Narelle Savage and Lyn Clifton

The importance of working with ‘Warmth in treatments is optimum. ‘Warmth’ is the necessary vessel between the physical and spiritual being. Activating a person's own natural healing as an important aspect, is invited with the Anthroposophic picture of ‘Warmth,’ to support restoration of balance to health.

From an wholistic Anthroposophic approach, Dr Narelle Savage will bring pictures of …

  • the significance of warmth for healthy human development
  • Imbalances in the ‘warmth body’
  • the healthy role of inflammation & fever in childhood illness
  • supporting fever to run its course
  • can an illness process bring strengthening of the child’s will?
  • more children seeking the ‘cold’ today

Anthroposophic Doctors may work collaboratively with Anthroposophic Home Carers and other

practitioners, to address the specific needs of each patient.

Lyn Clifton integrates Anthroposophic Home Care practices into daily family life through her Community Health Social Work, to support the health & wellbeing of children, parents and carers. Lyn extends her practice also to teachers, and parent communities through practical workshops, mentoring, consultations, & home or class visits. BSW Community Health Social Worker, Certificate of Anthroposophic Wholistic Healthcare and Rhythmic Einreibung NZ Mantles of Care, Home Health Care and Support.

Dr Narelle Savage aims to bring warmth and healing understanding to her consultations, with the practice of Anthroposophic and conventional medicine, diet, counselling, mindfulness and biographical perspectives. Working within a therapeutic team is her ideal, as the individual child or adult is creatively supported toward positive change through different aspects of the individual self. Dr Savage has been a general practitioner for twenty years. Further background: psychiatric and geriatric nurse; class & early childhood teacher; Chinese & Japanese medicine.

When: Thursday, 9th June

Time: 7:30pm

Where: Kamaroi School, Blue Room

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