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Learning at Kamaroi

Humans at
the centre

Education at Kamaroi places the human being at the centre of all teaching and learning.

OUR curriculum

Academic. Artistic. Practical.

The curriculum offers a balance of academic, artistic and practical activities so that the child is thoroughly prepared for life.

The curriculum and the educational methodology are based on the developmental stages of the child as described by Rudolf Steiner. Through this comprehensive approach students come to know the world in its diversity and complexity and always in relation to others. This allows them to find their place in the world and feel connection.

Important goals of our education are to develop in the students’ creative and flexible thinking, emotional strength, integrity and the ability to engage in life. We believe the art of teaching weaves together a number of vital interconnecting aspects that include teaching methods and curriculum and a clear philosophy, all of which gives Steiner Education its unique identity.

Steiner Education fosters a deep regard for human values by encouraging imagination, empathy and a rich emotional appreciation of the natural and social worlds as well as educating the intellect.

A child’s emerging capacities and abilities are fostered and supported by a curriculum that recognises and works with their specific strengths and challenges that develop at different stages of life.

Explore our learning and teaching.

“Steiner schools provide a developmentally appropriate, experiential, and academically rigorous approach to education.”