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In Craft, the children make beautiful and practical objects using traditional skills such as knitting, sewing and crochet.


Making beautiful
& practical objects.

Each skill developed has a specific purpose in meeting the needs of the children in a strengthening and therapeutic way.

The children make recorder cases, knit dolls, crochet cushions, stitch pencil cases, knit socks and learn the art of woodwork.

Craft takes time, preparation, skill, care, patience, artistry and courage to create.

To not know, make mistakes and then learn from them, are essential life skills developed through the handwork curriculum.

Children experience the journey of concept, design, execution, completion and presentation through each project. They experience a great deal of pleasure and an enormous sense of achievement when they complete their projects. All these elements awaken their creative powers and their will, which can find fruitful application in later life, in many different fields and aspects of living.

"at this time of so much instant gratification, there is this real moment of learning the value of making something yourself"