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A strong

The task of education in the first seven years is to help the child develop physically in a healthy way and to especially protect and stimulate the developing senses.

Lilly Pilly & Kindergarten

Secure, nurturing
and homelike.

The Kindergarten & Lilly Pilly programs provide a secure, nurturing and homelike environment where creative play, healthy routines and simple tasks are part of the daily rhythm.

For parents of four to five year olds who are looking to join a vibrant community with people of shared values, Lilly Pilly – our new Pre-Kindergarten, is the ideal choice. Situated in the heart of Kamaroi, Lilly Pilly provides a beautiful, secure, and homelike environment in which children can learn, explore, and play before progressing to Kindergarten. With a focus on daily home rhythms and Steiner learnings, Lilly Pilly is the perfect stepping-stone between home and school. Parents can choose how often they’d like to send their child to Lilly Pilly, with a maximum of four and a half days a week.

As the children progress through the Kamaroi kindergarten, they learn through their experiences in craft, baking, drawing and modelling; through the imaginative use of natural materials in their creative play and games; in outside play; storytelling, songs, rhymes, and the celebration of special occasions.

Young children are very open to their environment, and their capacity to live deeply into all that surrounds them is at the root of their learning. We call that capacity imitation. We strive to provide an environment worthy of imitation, where children can play imaginatively and creatively, which will lead in turn to a solid and creative capacity for thinking and a lively intellectual life.

We strive to present our students with a world of beauty, which will nurture their sense of ease, joy, and peace.

The children benefit from a strong sense of routine and predictability, and we work with a clear and consistent rhythm for our daily and weekly activities. Music and verses accompanied by movement, stories, practical activities of cooking, gardening, sewing, and artistic activities of painting, modelling and drawing, all contribute to the balanced, joyful, and healthy development of the young child. This provides a strong foundation for the future development of the child’s social, academic and emotional life.

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