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Our Values and Vision

Our Values

Our 5 Values

1. An Integrated and Creative Curriculum

An enriched balance of academic rigour and artistic education which ignites curiosity, imagination and a love for learning.

2. Conscious and Collaborative Community

We nurture human capacities in a warm, inclusive, intentional and diverse culture that cultivates social responsibility.

3. Caring for Country and our Natural World

Developing initiative, responsibility and a sense of wonder towards nature’s rhythms, resources and Indigenous perspectives.

4. The Wisdom of Spirit Led Education

Steiner’s indications inform our understanding of the developing child to enliven the life of thinking, feeling and action which enables them to impart meaning and direction in their lives.

5. Healthy Approaches to Digital Wellbeing

An unplugged environment is cultivated by collaboration between parents and teachers to consciously engage children in living and learning. We share a commitment to upholding safety and the skills necessary to navigate our evolving digital world

Our Mission

Kamaroi School prepares children for life.

We deliver a progressive Steiner education that nourishes young people and their families to meet our current world with meaning and initiative.

Our curriculum instils wellbeing and balance through a rigour in academic, artistic and social-emotional development. Experiential learning and digital awareness are cultivated to meet our evolving technological world. This is embedded within the wisdom arising from Steiner’s understanding of child development, integrated with contemporary best practices in education.

We foster a culture of care that nurtures each child's growth within a dynamic, conscious community. The collaborative learning of students, staff and families is inspired by a spirit-led approach that maintains integrity, cultivates diversity, enrichment, sensitivity, and engagement. A dynamic, conscious community ensures students are seen, understood and can confidently grow in a loving community.

Bordering the Garigal National Park on Gadigal, Garamaygal and Durramurragal Land, our beautiful purpose-built environment engenders a connection to Country, a keen sense of belonging, an openness to the natural world and each other. The children receive a foundation for creatively contributing to the evolution of sustainable futures for all.

Vision for the Future

A thriving community of belonging, contributing and wellbeing.

Kamaroi is a thriving community where every individual has a sense of belonging and of contributing with their own unique skills to the wellbeing of the school. Students, staff and parents learn and grow, strengthening the community.

The natural bushland setting, architecturally beautiful classrooms and wonderful aesthetics of the rooms, created by the art and craft of the children, teachers and parents, nourish the souls of all entering the school. The rooms resound with the echoes of singing and music, art, craft and the inspired main lessons.

There is a buzz and hum of activity and purposefulness in a similar way to that found in a beehive. That ‘song’ of the ‘hive’ emanates out into the community through each individual and through the festivals and fairs and community education offered to all.