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Drama at

Kamaroi has a long tradition of producing vibrant and engaging performances.


Vibrant with speech,
dance & music.

All children participate in a play each year and have the opportunity to live into different characters and time periods. The drama program integrates key themes being explored in Main Lesson. For example, in class one the play might be a fairytale and in class five a Greek myth.

Performances are vibrant with speech, dance and music, and are supported by evocative sets and costumes. It is the process of getting there however, that is of greatest importance. Children learn about working in groups, taking responsibility, being in the right place at the right time, and the importance of practice.

Acting also builds social skills and empathy. Parts are carefully chosen by teachers to support the growth of individual children. The process of taking on a new, different character can help a child to move to a new level of awareness or overcome a personal challenge, that at times can bring positive lasting changes.

With so many plays being performed the students also have many of opportunities to watch performances. The children greatly enjoy seeing each others’ performances and these plays become highlights within the school year.

"It is the process of getting there however, that is of greatest importance."