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Kamaroi Kitchen

Our Kamaroi Kitchen is more than just a school Canteen, it provides nourishment to the hearts and bodies of students, teachers and the community.

Healthy food

Nourishing hearts
and bodies.

The kitchen is run by parents and volunteers who are equally passionate about healthy nutrition as Steiner education. Offering students, teachers and the community, wholesome daily food that has been made (from scratch) on the premise from as many organic and bio-dynamic ingredients as possible.

We believe in following the seasons and that children should be eating all the colours of the rainbow, and this is what we strive to provide for, in our canteen. Offering salads, rice-paper rolls, fruit salad and smoothies in the warmer months and apple crumble, soups, organic broths, jacket potatoes and bolognaise in the colder months. There are all year-round favourites, such as; sushi, brown rice balls, sausage rolls, spinach triangles, pizza and toasties (to name a few). Savoury items are lightly complimented with homemade treats, such as; bliss-balls, cinnamon scrolls, muffins, biscuits and cakes; always made using natural sweeteners and low sugar.

We aim to make sure there is something for everyone and endeavour to accommodate all dietary requirements.

The canteen is open for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and provides the community with barista coffee and tea in the morning and the occasional take-home meal in the afternoon. This community spirit is what drives the canteen and helps form our community; offering an enjoyable place for parents to catch up and eat nutritious food, while joining in with parent craft groups, choirs, meetings or simply taking a moment to breathe.

“Feelings are for the soul what food is for the body”
— Rudolf Steiner

Therefore, feeling good about food is Kamaroi Kitchen’s main focus.