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Our Community

It takes
a village

Kamaroi offers its students and their parents/carers more than just a school focused on the classroom.


reaps rewards.

The involvement of parents in their children’s education plays a significant part in the overall rewards that children reap at Kamaroi. Thus our school offers parents many opportunities to become part of a community that has both a heart and a purpose.

Parents organise the annual Kamaroi fair, are welcomed to the festivals each term, accompany students on excursions, assist in reading and craft and participate in many other school community activities.

Parents are encouraged to explore ways they can participate that nourishes their interest in the curriculum as well as supporting their children’s education in practical and social ways.

Explore below, how you can sow into the lives of our children.

“Steiner schools provide a developmentally appropriate, experiential, and academically rigorous approach to education.”