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Kamaroi is part of the unique alternative educational model of Steiner Schools, so it's only natural that you'll have questions.


Questions we're
often asked.

Q. What is different about a Steiner education?

A. Rather than forcing children to study in a pressured environment, we encourage our students to learn through experience. By developing a memory of that experience, they are able to fully understand what they have learnt. Through knowledge, students develop confidence and allow their own unique qualities to come to the fore. This results in greater fulfilment, both as children and in preparation for adulthood.

Q. Do you teach to the learning outcomes of the NSW syllabus?

A. We do teach according to the NESA outcomes whilst also providing a rich and comprehensive Steiner curriculum within these outcomes.

Q.Do you enrol students at different times through the school year?

A. Enrolments are open to classes throughout the year by following our enrolment guidelines.

Q. Will my child have just one teacher throughout in their time at Kamaroi?

A. The kindergarten have specialist early childhood trained teachers and as such only teach kindergarten aged children. From Class 1 a class is under the guidance of a class teacher who ideally takes the class for the six years of primary school. Of course life’s circumstances can change and there may be a change of class teacher in this time. The classes are also taught each week by specialist teachers in craft, eurythmy, library, music and sport.

Q. How can I get involved in the school?

A. The Parents Association offers possibilities for parents to get involved in the school community. Parents can assist in the classroom in a variety of ways including listening to children read, helping with plays, gardening, cooking and festivals.

Q. Will my child manage academically when they move to high school?

A. Kamaroi students moving from Class 6 attend many different high schools. Our research shows that our students make positive transitions to high school. Much depends on the students themselves, how they manage their time and their social emotional readiness for the next stage of their school life.

Q. Do teachers set homework?

A. Generally homework is set from Class 3 onwards

Q. When are computing skills taught?

A. Computer skills are taught in Year 5 and Year 6

Q. Do children wear a school uniform?

A. We have a dress code but no formal school uniform.

Uniform and Dress Code

At Kamaroi, we have a dress code that considers both the inner and outer needs of the child. The students wear colourful clothing designed for comfort, active play and sun safety, instead of a formal school uniform.

Think not only of your child when they dress each morning, but of the difference they will make to everyone at school each day. It is a wonderful opportunity and a privilege to wear simple, practical clothing that also reflects the individual.

We ask that you respect the dress code and assist your child where necessary, to make appropriate clothing choices.

More detailed dress code guidelines are available in the Parent Handbook.

‘Kamaroi’ clothing – T-shirts and hats (and other items of clothing) are available for sale in the Piazza most Wednesday mornings. For more information please contact the Parent Association