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The Peninsula Rudolf Steiner School was formed by an enthusiastic and dedicated group of parents and teachers in a Newport cottage in 1990.

All the way

From small

With the guidance and support of other Rudolf Steiner schools in Sydney, our fledgling school began with 13 students and two teachers in Kindergarten and composite Class 1 & 2.

By the end of the first year there were 22 students and with expanding enrolments and the property for sale, we searched for a new home.

An existing school in Belrose which had begun in 1985 and was looking to close it's doors in 1991.

The parents and teachers of the Peninsula Rudolf Steiner school accepted an invitation to merge with this school and thus “Kamaroi Rudolf Steiner School” was created with a new name and a new home.

Situated on a beautiful natural site with surrounding bushland, the school flourished and had room to grow into a full primary school.

Our Name

What does it mean?

The school’s name was created by the original owners of Kamaroi School.

‘Kama’, comes from Sanskrit and means ‘enjoyment of life, the creative impulse and love’. ‘Roi’, is the French word for ‘king’ and represents wisdom, strength and integrity.

We were also delighted to learn from the late Aboriginal Elder, Burnham Burnham, that the traditional owners of our site, the Kameraigal tribe, used the word ‘kamaroi’ to mean ‘nest’.

The name “Kamaroi “ remained and the qualities described continue to be valued and expressed in our school. We’re proud that our name links to the original custodians of this land and we continue to foster our respect and appreciation for the culture of those who dwelt here.