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The Kamaroi

A strong reading culture exists at Kamaroi and we work actively to keep it that way!


A world of
good literature.

Reading develops the imagination and broadens children’s understanding of themselves and the world.

The Kamaroi Library is an inviting and stimulating place where children can discover a world of good literature. We seek to give students a place to become passionate about reading, and love to see our students deeply immersed in a book.

Students borrow each week in the library lesson from an extensive collection of much-loved favourites. The library is also regularly up-dated with inviting current titles.

Kamaroi Library is also for the whole school community. Parents are able to borrow books on parenting and Steiner education from the Parent Library or seek advice on books for their child.

We also encourage our parents to contribute to the reading culture. Parents can have an enormous influence on the development of readers and the good thing is – it is so simple. Reading stories with your child is an enriching and memorable shared experience.