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Unique to Steiner schools, Eurythmy is a technique for integrating the arts and academic learning.


A full-bodied

Primarily an art of movement, Eurythmy encompasses elements of music, language arts and literature, speech and drama, numeracy and geometry, spatial and social awareness.

Its objective is to enhance and deepen the children’s learning experience of every other subject.

Moving together eurythmically brings unity and a sense of belonging to groups. Inspired by natural forms and sacred geometry, Eurythmy helps build community spirit in an inclusive way.

Drawing from the imaginative wellspring of the main lesson curriculum, Eurythmy helps open children to a full-bodied experience of learning, enabling them to embody the content on a deeper level, so their learning can come alive inside them and grow with them as they grow.

The Class 6 Firesticks performance is a beautiful example of the integrated nature of Eurythmy. Together, children plan the geometric patterns, which form the basis of the choreography. As they rehearse the movement, they are utilising spatial awareness, mathematical logic, inter- and intra-personal skills and emotional intelligence.

"We stand as many lights together,
Celebrating and honouring the unique qualities
That live in us as individuals.
Each of us carries our own flame.
As we move together, we express the simple truth:
That in working together, we are able to create
Something far grander than anything we could create alone."

“Eurythmy is a healing and enlivening art, with links to all subjects.”
— Molly von Heider
"Eurythmy is something that waters, fertilizes, and potentizes, all of the different kinds of learning that children need to have through their school day, and through their lives"