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& Policies

Kamaroi has a solid structure as well as policies and procedures in place to ensure we provide a safe, positive and harmonious work and learning environment.


How we operate
at Kamaroi.

The operation of the School is overseen by the Board of Directors of Karamoi Rudolf Steiner School Ltd.

The Board is responsible for strategic planning, and all legal and financial aspects of the school. It monitors economic performance and cares for the development and maintenance of the school’s assets.

The Board comprises parents and community representatives and meetings are held on a monthly basis. Strategic planning days are held twice yearly.

The Principal of the school, Ms Vanessa Snaith, is responsible for the education and professional leadership of the school. Ms Snaith oversees the school’s day to day educational operations, and reports to the school’s Board of Directors.

The Business Manager, Michael Twigg, works closely with the Principal in achieving the goals and objectives of the Kamaroi Business Plan within the context of the School’s mission, to provide “a unique environment to create remarkable humans”. The focus is on the long-term financial and strategic planning of the school, including the marketing, asset development, and the building program. The Business Manager provides advice to the Board and also acts as Company Secretary of Kamaroi Rudolf Steiner School Ltd.